Graduate Programs

The Irving K. Barber Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is committed to building our reputation as a source of world-class research and our graduate students play an essential role in reaching that goal.

Sociology Graduate Students

Graduate Programs

Disciplinary Programs

Psychology (MA/PhD, PhD)
Specializations in Clinical Psychology and Psychological Science provide students with theoretical, practical and analytical expertise, as well as experience applying scientific results to real-world problems.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies

These Themes bring interdisciplinary approaches to defined areas of study, and also provide a cohort setting from which to build a network of peers.

Community Engagement, Social Change, Equity (MA, PhD)
Engage community stakeholders as part of a collaborative process, recognizing the unique strengths of all parties involved.

Global Studies (MA, PhD)
Explore the intersection of global politics, economics, social policy, and culture.

Power, Conflict and Ideas (MA, PhD)
Understand the causes and consequences of the issues that drive our world.

Sustainability (MA, MSc, PhD)
Seek solutions to the challenges of sustainability.

Urban and Regional Studies (MA, MSc, PhD)
Examining the phenomena that affect those in urban and rural settings.

The Irving K. Barber Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences also supports faculty members who supervise students in the following Theme:

Digital Arts and Humanities (MA, PhD)
Using digital technologies to explore questions central to the arts and humanities; applying arts and humanities frameworks to digital tools and technologies.

Graduate Student and Professor at UBC Okanagan

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ACADEMIC Departments

The Irving K. Barber Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is organized into four departments that are responsible for the programs offered by our faculty.

Community, Culture and Global Studies
Anthropology | Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies | Geography | Indigenous Studies | Nsyilxcn Language Fluency

Economics, Philosophy and Political Science
Economics | International Relations | Philosophy | Political Science | Philosophy, Politics and Economics

History and Sociology
History | Sociology