Dean’s Office


Silvia Tomaskova

Silvia Tomášková
Dean, Irving K. Barber Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Professor, Gender and Women’s Studies; Anthropology
ASC 402


Kim Erasmus
Assistant to the Dean
ASC 407


Heather Munn
Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
ASC 413

Associate Dean Portfolios

Associate Dean, Strategic Personnel Planning and Development

Silvia Tomášková
Dean, Irving K. Barber Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Professor, Gender and Women’s Studies; Anthropology
ASC 402

Portfolio: Provides leadership for the development, implementation, and sustenance of a multi-year strategic personnel plan that builds an excellent community of teachers, scholars, academic leaders, and related staff, who support our core mission through, among others:

  • ensuring an appropriate complement of faculty, academic support staff, and resources vis-à-vis education plans and student enrolment;
  • championing a culture of mutual care, collegiality, diversity, inclusivity, and equity among faculty and staff;
  • promoting proactive recruitment, retention, career advancement, recognition, and ongoing success of an excellent and diverse community of colleagues;
  • providing support for academic leaders to ensure compliance with provisions of the Collective Agreement, as well as Faculty and University policies, procedures, and guidelines;
  • facilitating professional development and succession planning for academic leaders.

Jody Ainley 
Assistant to the Associate Dean, Strategic Personnel Planning and Development
ASC 455


Thomas Heilke
Professor, Political Science
ART 239

  • Provides leadership for designing, reviewing, and implementing a Faculty research plan;
  • Explores, promotes, and facilitates research and funding opportunities for faculty members;
  • Is accountable for any Indirect Costs of Research or overhead funds that may accrue from faculty members’ research or contracts;
  • Facilitates inter- and intra-Faculty scholarly collaborations as well as broader scholarly initiatives;
  • Supports the building of a community of graduate students in the Faculty in collaboration with the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies;
  • Supports the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies as required on strategic initiatives related to graduate student training and programs;
  • Coordinates the development and implementation of policies and procedures for supporting post-doctoral training and fellows;
  • Provides leadership that helps to develop, sustain, and support a culture of post-doctoral training across the Faculty;
  • Provides guidance for the management of post-doctoral fellowships and fellows, with support from the Associate Dean (Strategic Personnel Planning and Development).


Alison Conway
Professor, English and Cultural Studies, English, Gender and Women’s Studies
CCS 166

  • Represents the Faculty on the College of Graduate and Post-doctoral Studies Council· and other bodies, and at events, pertaining to graduate studies;
  • Addresses complaints and concerns about graduate student academic and non- academic misconduct; appeals of grades and academic standing; and supervision;
  • Is an advocate and leader for both disciplinary and interdisciplinary pedagogy and curriculum for graduate studies;
  • Supports the building of a community of graduate students in the Faculty in collaboration with the Associate Dean for Research;
  • Coordinates the preparation and submission of calendar material for graduate programs in collaboration with Associate Deans (Teaching, Learning and Curriculum & Research) and Heads;
  • Coordinates the preparation of publicity material for graduate programs, in collaboration with Heads and the Faculty’s Communications Manager;
  • Provides overall coordination of Interdisciplinary graduate studies themes in FASS, which includes duties such as:
    • Works with department heads and theme coordinators to set up the course schedule and instructors for the upcoming academic year;
    • Works with department heads and theme coordinators to process admissions, department head workload approvals for supervision;
    • Works with department heads and theme coordinators for TA positions, based on priority pool, and cross-faculty appointments;
    • Liaises with other faculties as required on issues related to IGS and themes specifically;
    • Serves as the FASS rep on the IGS Program and Curriculum committee;
    • Works with the FASS Finance Manager to oversee IGS resource allocations.


Donna Senese
Associate Professor, Geography
ASC 404

Portfolio: Provides leadership for the development, implementation and sustenance of a strategic and holistic framework that ensures success for our undergraduate students throughout their life-cycle – from prospective students to graduates – through, among others:

  • coordinated undergraduate enrolment planning and management;
  • effective and efficient recruitment activities;
  • facilitation of admission and registration of high quality students;
  • provision of excellent educational experiences, both curricular and extra-curricular;
  • promotion of community, affinity, and supportive peer networks;
  • facilitation of access to relevant services, including academic and non-academic advising and support.

Terry Becker
Support Services Assistant
ASC 414

Associate Dean, Teaching, Learning and Curriculum

Bernard Momer
Associate Professor, Geography
ASC 450

Portfolio: Provides leadership for the development, implementation, and sustenance of a strategic approach to teaching, learning, and curriculum that is of the highest quality, pedagogically sound, fiscally prudent, socially responsive and adaptive; and facilitates the realization of competencies and outcomes that reflect our core mission and values through, among others:

  • facilitation of curriculum innovation and renewal within the Faculty, of cross-Faculty and cross-institutional collaborative programs, and of related consultation, approval, and implementation processes;
  • ongoing monitoring of curriculum effectiveness;
  • formal, regularly-scheduled self-studies and external reviews of academic programs;
  • promotion of effective and efficient experiential and co-curricular learning programs;
  • support for, and enhancement of, innovative teaching and learning initiatives;
  • promotion of a culture of recognition for innovative curricula and pedagogical accomplishments.
  • coordinating undergraduate awards and recognitions that are not related to research.

Department email:

Laura Wylie

Laura Wyllie
Curriculum Development & Academic Programs Manager
ASC 447

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Ashley Loura
Curriculum, Awards and Academic Programs Coordinator
ASC 447


Heather Hicks
Manager, Administration and Operations

Pieter Uni

Pieter Uni
Communications Manager
ASC 452

Lindsay Howe
Communications & Events Coordinator
ASC 453

Meghan Reid
Web & Digital Media Coordinator
ASC 453

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Katelyn Singler
Finance Manager
ASC 431

Arluene King
Research Financial Analyst
ASC 431

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Kerry Hynes
Finance Assistant
ASC 454

Colin McKay

Colin McKay
Graduate Program Assistant, Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies
ASC 406