New research from UBC Okanagan finds young women who are perfectionistic are more likely to experience body dissatisfaction — a general unhappiness with, and negative attitude towards, their bodies.

New research from UBC Okanagan has determined if a child knows they have safe support from a trusted adult, it significantly increases the chances of that child disclosing they have been sexually assaulted. This likelihood is especially true when the offender is a family member or trusted caregiver.

Although Aidan O’Callahan describes himself as a planner — a critical thinker who likes to get his ducks in a row before committing to anything — it’s almost a fluke he ended up at UBC Okanagan.

For as long as Rebecca Chadney can remember, she has loved both arts and sciences.

It’s an honour bestowed upon the university’s most accomplished graduate students — and this year, Master of Arts student Sandra Fox is being recognized with the Governor General’s Gold Medal for her exceptional research on Indigenous identity.

Virtual ceremony recognizes more than 1,800 graduating students UBC Okanagan is marking its second virtual convocation next week. More than 1,850 graduates — including 1,600 undergraduates as well as more than 100 masters’ and doctoral students — will tune in to celebrate the success of their educational journey. “This has been a remarkable year for […]