Undergraduate Programs

Our varied programs give undergraduates the ability to explore their areas of talent and interest, and our exceptional faculty help students fine-tune and focus their learning experience.

Psychology student working with professor at UBC Okanagan

Program Options

What’s a major? A group of courses or a field of study you specialize in during your degree.
What’s a minor? A secondary concentration of courses that often complements your major.

Indigenous Studies (major, minor)

International Relations (major only)

Mathematics (major, minor)

Political Science (major, minor)

Philosophy (major, minor)

Philosophy, Politics and Economics (major only)

Psychology (major, minor)

Sociology (major, minor)

Learn more about planning your academic journey by visiting our Undergraduate Academic Planning resource page.

Arts students [or students registered in a B.A. program] may earn a double major or declare a minor in a discipline offered by the Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science. Please see the Academic Calendar for more information.

For full details on our programs, see the Academic Calendar.

Interdisciplinary programs

Bachelor of Sustainability

An interdisciplinary program offered by the Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science, Irving K. Barber Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies

Students take a set of core integrative courses specific to sustainability along with a set of advanced courses in one of four concentrations, including environmental humanities.

Experiential learning opportunities

Undergraduate students can take their learning outside the classroom:

Undergraduate Student Resources

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The Irving K. Barber Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is organized into four departments that are responsible for the programs offered by our faculty.

Community, Culture and Global Studies
Anthropology | Gender and Women’s Studies | Geography | Indigenous Studies | Nsyilxcn Language Fluency

Economics, Philosophy and Political Science
Economics | International Relations | Philosophy | Political Science | Philosophy, Politics and Economics

History and Sociology
History | Sociology